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Take your collaboration
to the next level

Our mission is to democratize software creation by enabling anyone to build digital tools that meet their needs.


Empower everyone

Databuilder doesn’t require any programming skills, and it’s really easy to learn and use. Everyone in your organization can participate, ultimately creating an engaging solution that everyone likes and understands.


Build what you need

Your business is unique, so why shouldn’t your data solution be? All businesses have custom processes, that give them an edge in their market, so it should only be natural to use a tailored turnkey solution.


Reduce time & costs

Say “yes” more often to your clients. Innovate on the go and reduce development time from months to weeks, to even days. Quickstart with installable app templates, that you can use, customize, and learn from.


Easy to learn & use

Get started in minutes! No installation, no maintenance, no coding knowledge. Easily onboard your team, with great documentation, video guides, vibrant community, and friendly support.


Remove digital clutter

Save your team’s energy and improve data integrity by replacing spreadsheets, overwhelming out-of-box software, and manual data entry with a custom solution, tailored to your business and operations.


Centralize your data

Centralize your data from various channels and see how your business is doing in real-time. Achieve full transparency with your team by creating a digital solution that serves as a single source of truth.


Tackle the routine

Automatize your workflow with custom scripts that you can run manually or programmatically. Save time and resources on boring tasks, reduce manual input, increase agility and your market competitiveness.


Scale as you grow

Manage your business with secure, flexible workflows that scale as your team grows. With Databuilder, you can upgrade as you go, whenever you feel comfortable and actually need the extra features.


Mobile collaboration

Databuilder applications run in the cloud and work on any device and any operative system. Collaborate with your team from wherever you are, all you need is a browser and an internet connection.


Stay future-proof

We are constantly releasing new features and improving our platform. Check out our roadmap and stay ahead of the game with next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Versatility of use

You can use Databuilder for anything a database is used for. Learn one tool and make bespoke solutions across many industries: build a custom CRM, ERP, BPM, or CMS for yourself or for your clients.


Security & scalability

With SSL 256-bit encryption protocols, 24/7 monitoring, regular backups, and GDPR compliance, your data will have the safety it deserves. Sleep well and not worry about the protection of your data.

Use your data to make
your business better

Databuilder is more than just a cloud database — it’s a smart workspace where teams, tools, and content come together. Sign up for free and start your digital transformation today!

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