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Powerful features.
Fast, flexible & easy.

You can use Databuilder for anything a database is used for, and much more! We’ve built-in essential application features right into the system core, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Auto-magic forms

Our magic CRUD engine offers smart suggestions, live mathematics, option filtering and much more. Databuilder automatically creates and validates all the forms so you can collect what you need and leverage your data.

Page Builder

Design breathtaking dashboards, reports or layouts with our drag-and-drop Page Builder. Choose elements from our extensive library, customize and enjoy. You can even add blocks from 3rd party APIs!

Store any type of data

Store numbers, texts, dates, emails, phone numbers, addresses, images, videos, files, links, calculations and much more. Databuilder automatically creates and validates all the forms so you can focus on your data.

Script Builder

Automatize your workflow with custom action scripts, and save precious time on boring routine tasks. Enjoy printing, web searching, emailing, calling and many more features that integrate with services you already love and use.

Formula Builder

Databuilder supports mathematical formulas and understands the context of your calculations. Use our intuitive Formula Builder and bring your data to life with mathematical equations that are tailored to your specific needs.

Roles & Permissions

Databuilder has an extensive role and permissions system, that allows you to completely customize a user’s experience within your application. Easily define who-sees-what, define profiles and enjoy some very advanced role modelling tools.

Multiple data views

View and manipulate your data via cards, lists, tables, grids, calendars and maps. Customize archive and record views with our intuitive Page Builder, and easily get the desired looks and feel of your data.

Data visualization

Charts and graphs? No problem. Databuilder has built-in data visualization tools that can help you better understand your data. Create live custom charts, that reflect meaningful insights and use them in your reports. Graphs just make everything more interesting.

Dynamic data filters

Take your data analytics to a new level with live dynamic filters and smart rules. Save, share and populate your database queries, create record folders, trigger scripts and filter like never before.

Activity newsfeed

With our extensive logging system, you can monitor all user interaction in real time, just like you do with your favorite social network. Know what’s going on with your data at all times.

Menus & Navigation

Design custom menus that will help your users navigate around your application and enjoy the experience. Custom links, dropdowns, pages, scripts and tables in your menus can help you create the ultimate UX.

Appearance & Design

Manage your app’s looks with a variety of preset layouts and color themes, or completely customize the design via CSS. Many more options are on the way.

More than 200+ features

Databuilder doesn’t stop when it gets interesting: enjoy a ton of additional features like record sorting, commenting, omitting, locking, bookmarking, global shortcuts, custom SQL queries, custom actions, conditional formatting and many more!

Get started for free

We understand that you have to explore and see if Databuilder works for you. Sign up and start creating custom data solutions absolutely for free! Upgrade as you go, whenever you feel comfortable and actually need the extra features.

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